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Full academic dress regalia for faculty members with doctorates generally include the doctoral gown (academic gown with velvet bars on the sleeves), doctoral hood, and an academic hat (mortarboard or doctoral tam).

Although not normally "required", most faculty member's choose to wear velvet tams in place of mortarboards, as they look much nicer, are more comfortable on the head, and and help differentiate between the faculty member and his/her student.

Academic Tams (doctoral tams) are available with choice of "silky tassel" or gold bullion tassel.

Tams are also available in 4 -- 6 -- and 8 -- sided models.

Tams are normally made of black velvet, however we can make them for you in other velvets, for special regalia. The PhD blue velvet tam has become increasingly popular.

Red "Beefeater" caps (also known as Beefeaters) are also available.

Prices of graduation tams are shown below.

To order, simply let us know

  • which model of tam you require (4 sided -- 6 sided -- or 8 sided tam)
  • which tassel you would like (silky or bullion)
  • which velvet (black, Ph.D. blue, or other)
  • together with billing and shipping information.
  • Be sure also to include either your hat size, or circumference of head measurement.

Black tams are normally in stock, year round, in all models.

For Beefeater caps, or tams in "other than black" velvet, please allow +/- 6-8 weeks for delivery.

doctoral tam
Velvet tam on Ph.D. gown
Academic Cap -- Mortarboard


4 SILKY 78.50
6 SILKY 78.50
8 SILKY 98.50
8 BULLION 102.00
8 SILKY discounted with gown purchase 78.50
8 BULLION discounted with gown purchase 92.00
SPECIAL Change tam velvet from black to Ph.D. blue or to other color velvet + $20.00
SPECIAL Beefeater Graduation Hats / Red $145.00


doctoral tam
Black Velvet Tam and Admiral Blue Velvet tam shown above, on Presidential and Chancellor Doctoral Gowns. Note how each tam matches its gown.
Standard Eight sided black velvet doctoral tam with gold bullion tassel shown above.
Red Doctoral Tam with White Tassel shown above on custom purple doctoral gown with matching red velvet.
doctoral tams
doctoral regalia
PhD tam, gown, hood
Velvet Tam and Bullion tassel, shown on deluxe doctoral gown (JD) with gold piping, and matching academic hood , also with gold piping. Above, deluxe doctoral gowns. Neither the (green) gown nor the hood has piping. Above, Deluxe Ph.D. gown without piping. Academic Tam. PhD hood.

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This page deals with doctoral tams (doctoraltams) and other caps for used for full academic attire -- doctoral regalia -- available at

Doctoraltams are available in black, or can be made with blue velvet, also known as PhD tams (PhDtams) in which the velvet of the academic cap matches the velvet of the PhD gown.

Both doctoraltams and PhD tams can be made with choice of bullion tassel or silky tassel. Both of these doctoral tassels are gold jumbo style and are permanently attached to the tam, however the bullion tassel is made out of a metallic thread, rather than the normal rayon tassel thread.

Both the PhD tams and the doctoraltam are available in choice of 4 sided, 6 sided or 8 sided models. Both PhD and doctoral tams are available in different sizes, to fit a large range of head sizes. Therefore when ordering, the customer should let us know their hat size or head size, to be sure hat fits properly.

The doctoraltam can also be made in other velvet colors, such as scarlet, red, purple, etc., however black velvet and PhD blue velvet are the most popular.

For more information about doctoral tams or other academicregalia or capandgown related items, including information about custom made doctoral gowns please contact